Be a an Affiliate / Business partner!

Congratulations! You are a step away of benefiting from a lifetime of health & wellness & income generating assets! 
Each package contains different benefits & compensation plan entitlements.
Whether you're someone who has a passion or growing interest in Organic health nutrition, Naturopathy or Alternative medicine;
Or, an aspiring entrepreneur looking to enjoy lifetime discounts for personal consumption & would like to activate a lifetime of exponential earning potentials by being a global distributor of our World-Class Organic products, it is best to understand the brief description of our packages so that you may have a better & guided understanding.

Our mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs & health-conscious individuals to choose a healthier & economically wiser lifestyle leading to financial growth, time freedom, health benefits & ultimately, life prosperity & longevity.

"This platform will allow you to make more money, retire early, & be healthy."

By being activated in a system providing economic growth & nutritional benefits thru addition or substitution of currently used products (such as multivitamins, medicines, coffee, fitness, beauty products, etc.) w/ premium IAM Worldwide Corp. organic products promoting Organic Health Nutrition & Exponential Residual Income upon consumption & product movement.
This is called Wise Consumerism. Wise Consumerism means consumption w/ benefits. It means wisely adapting to a lifestyle that is both Financially and Health-Wise rewarding in the long run & is payed-off via a robust multi-level marketing compensation plan - offering various incentives, rebates, royalties, & commissions while gaining optimal physical & mental state of longevity & peak nutrition.
In today's modern world, it's hard to maintain recommended standards of health or RDI (Recommended Daily Intake of nutrition) to counter micronutrient deficiency & accelerated development of physical & mental deterioration due to poor lifestyle and limited food choices (pesticide grown food crops, fried food, processed food, packed food, meat-fillers, etc.).
This is perfect for those who want an improvement in Health & Finances -  whether you're looking forward to enjoy Lifetime Discounts for personal maintenance OR an aspiring entrepreneur/business-minded individual who is open to global distributorship without the burdens of traditional businesses such as OPEX or Operational Expenses: office rental, salaries, electricity, equipment, storage, warehousing, accounting, inventory, other costs, & etc. It's a viable option to add or replace to your current source/s of income portfolio w/out the risk.
"Healthy Living + Business-on-a-Budget"
In today's age of digital marketing/e-commerce, wherever your location is in the world, as long you have Internet WiFi & a smartphone/laptop - you can do the business!
To start with IAM Worldwide, you can choose between Jade, Platinum, or Gold packages,
Php 198,000 or USD $4,000+
Php 112,000 or USD $2,240+
Php 44,800 or USD $896+


Every business package corresponds to different entitlements and different capital amounts.
You will get 100% ROI for the value of products upon availing a package. 

Example, if you availed Jade Package 198,000 - you will get 200,000 worth of products which you can use as intial stock for inventory or for personal consumption.

If you're wondering when you'll get your ROI, w/ the products alone, you've already returned the value of investment as there are no registration or sign-up fees. By simply purchasing a wholesale package, you'll activate your own distributor account with multiple benefits.

Each package entitles the same retail amount on all IAM Worldwide products.
The higher the package, the higher the benefits. 

Jade package - which is our best package, has 10 vouchers w/ each voucher having 10,000 worth of Free products or a Total of Free 100,000 worth of products.
Example: 1 voucher = 10,000 worth or 20 boxes of Amazing Pure Organic Barley. To use this voucher, order 10,000 worth of Barley (20 Boxes) & then you'll get another 10,000 worth or 20 more boxes of Barley. In total, you'll get 40 boxes per voucher. Each Jade Package comes with Free 10 vouchers. 10 x 40 = 400. 

That means you spent 100k (10k/voucher) & ROI'd 400K. Let's lessen 400k minus the amount spent, 100k = 300k. This means you received 300k worth of products for Free!

Good news! It's exclusive only w/ Jade Package, not in Gold or Platinum package. 

What you'll get as Retail ROI:
JADE = 198k (initial inventory)+ 300k (free from vouchers) = 498k
PLATINUM = 112k (initial inventory)
GOLD = 44,800k (initial inventory)

Here' another good news! 

Let's say you're not good in Retail Sales side of the business (which is highly workable because you are entitled to Free E-commerce training as part of the package once you start)...

We also have the Marketing Side.

We have a unique Money-Back program or also called Just4You commissionThis is how beautiful the system works in our company. Do you know anyone who wants to do Business but is on a Budget? 

Here's how it works: You only need to refer 4 people!

In our Marketing Side you are entitled to commissions such as Wholesale Pack Commission/Direct Referral commission.

*For illustration purposes, we'll use our average Philippine Peso to USD conversion of 50 pesos:1 Dollar.
Avail Jade, & be entitled to receive Php 20k or $400 USD/person.
Wholesale Commission (WC) 20k x 4 referrals = 80k or $1,600 USD
Here's another automatic commission:
For every pair under your organization, regardless if directly sponsored by you or by any distributor under you, you will receive a Pairing Bonus or Sales Match Commission of $200 USD (Php 10k) per Pair formed under you.
In this case, you will get x2 Sales Match Commission for having 2 pairs out of 4 people

Sales Match Commission (SMC) $200 USD or 10k x 2 = 20k or $400 USD

Now, let's add - 

Wholesale Commission + Sales Match Commission:

Total Wholesale Commission (WC) Php 80k 
Total Sales Match Commission (MC) Php 20k
= Php 100k or $ 2,000 USD

Remember we have mentioned we have a Money-Back program? With $2,000 earned, have you already achieved ROI? Not yet, right?

Good news!

The Just4You money-back program of Jade package is Php 200k or $4,000 USD - on top of 100k or $2,000 USD.

You will receive a total of $6,000 USD or Php 300k once you do the Marketing side of Jade package w/ only 4 referrals needed. No other MLM Marketing Plan pays this much! In fact, we've done the research for you. Kindly refer to illustration below:

Take note:

This doesn't include yet other commissions such as: 

Unilevel Commissions, Check Match Royalty Commissions, Infinity Commissions, plus other commissions & incentives other companies don't have.

To learn more: please watch this quick

IAM Worldwide Business Presentation video below:

Question, do you know any 4 people you think you can share this to? 

Good news!

  • There's NO TIME-FRAME,
  • NO PRESSURE on when you'd like to refer 4 people - that's totally up to you.
  • Plus, it's UNLIMITED.

What if you do this every week or month?

The possibilities are Endless.

That means you'll receive unlimited $6,000 USD or Php 300k!.. and only have to put up capital once.

This also the same Just4You program w/

Platinum =  Unlimited 152k

& Gold = Unlimited 60k.

Same effort, different result.

The great news is you'll get Money-Back on All 3 Packages, but look at the difference..

Let's add the Products + Marketing side:

=500k (200k initial products + 300k Free from vouchers) + 300k (Marketing side)

Total = 800k or $16,000 USD

=112k (Products) + 152k (Marketing side)

Total = 264k or $5,280 USD

=44,800k (Products) + 60k (Marketing Side)

Total = 105K or $2,100 USD

*In Philippine Pesos & US Dollar 50:1 Conversion


QUESTION: What is the Best Number for you though you have referred the same number of 4 people/week?


Here are some more of our success testimonials:

A partial shopify dashboard screenshot of one of or business partners who made Php 5M or $100,000 USD in 2 Months!:


By purchasing a wholesale package, you are automatically entitled to the following:

  • 100% ROI on Health & Wellness Products
  • Lifetime Discounts of 40% - 50% OFF on any IAM Worldwide products on your next orders
  • Lifetime IAM Worldwide Membership / Distributor Account
  • Entitlement to several streams of potential income to be discussed in the video
  • Unlimited discounts, bonuses, rebates, royalties, incentives, & commissions
  • Personal Online Account
  • Free Business Training
  • Free E-Commerce Crash Course
  • Free Digital Marketing Training
  • Free mentorship
  • Car, Travel, Cash, Gadget, Incentives program, etc.



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